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Goal Setting For 2019

Now 2019 is here and you are enjoying your summer holiday break I encourage you to take the time to sit down and set yourself some goals to achieve this year. The difference between successful people and those who are stuck in the grind are successful people have an urgency to get the job done and improve themselves.

Consider taking the time to sit down after reading this wherever you are, on the beach at noosa, in your office just starting back at work, on a hay stack on your grandad's farm or at marina bay sands sipping a martini and write down 5 goals you want to achieve this year.

Your 5 goals for 2019 might be something like:

1. Creating a side business

2. Improving your health and fitness

3. Dedicating one day a week to catch up with your parents or a family member for lunch

4. Donating some money to charity or helping someone less fortunate

5. Dedicating a date night each week with your partner

Now of these 5 examples the next step is to set a target within the goal an example of this might be:

1. Creating a side business that creates 10k annually by the end of 2019

2. Improve health and fitness enough to run 10kms in a fun run without stopping.

3. Meeting your parents for coffee every Sunday for 40 out of the 52 weeks in the year.

4. Donate 100 dollars to charity and help out someone that struggles with his work in the office for 20-30 mins once a week.

5. Every Tuesday night take your partner out to a wine bar, movie or dinner. (make a list of places)

I find when coaching clients if the individual has a target set within their goal they are much more likely to achieve it as oppose to a person who has good intentions on setting the goal but hasn't set a specific target within the goal. An example of this is if someone says "I just want to get a little bit fitter and tone up a bit" compared to someone who says "look I want to compete in this physique show by June and I need to get fitter and tone up to get on stage!" See the difference, when you make your goal a specific target and hire a coach you are much more accountable and likely to achieve it!

Whenever you set a goal I recommend you consider using the SMART goal principle:

(created in a 1981 issue of management review paper by George T. Doran)

Specific (Make sure your goal is clear and makes sense to people)

Measurable (How long would it take me to complete my goal?)

Attainable (Is my goal acceptable and achievable?)

Realistic (Is the goal realistic given the time frame I have set myself?)

Time (Do I have enough time to achieve my goal?)

One of the reasons I use SMART goals with my clients is I find it helps make the goal setting process much more specific and the client can hold themselves much more accountable to their goals with a clear vision of what is required.


About the Author

Nic Rider is a corporate health and well-being coach with 8 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He is one of the top age group triathletes in Australia practicing what he preaches as he believes in leading by example to help inspire others. Nic has coached 100's of corporate professionals to start exercise, lose weight, build muscle and improve cardiovascular health along with injury rehabilitation. He has coached clients to run marathons and participate in triathlons along with climb mountains in the Himalayas.

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