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Coach Rider’s Services

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Personal Fitness Development Coaching

I possess 12 years + specialisation and expertise within this service. This service will assist you to reach your health and fitness goals through one of my greatest area's of expertise. 

It doesn't matter who you are, what your set backs are, or where your current fitness levels are at, if you have a health and fitness goal that you want to work towards but want the hands on service to get the best out of yourself this service is for you. 

I am very results driven and want to see you succeed, as the American college of sports medicine states: "to be healthy you need 150 minutes of exercise per week". Therefore, I will not accept any less than two sessions per week. I want to see you have the best possible chance of succeeding if we work together. 

My rates are as follows and will require payment up front on the first session of each week to ensure accountability. 

2 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $120 

3 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $180

4 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $240

5 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $300

Cash discounts will be available, otherwise preferred payment method through bank transfer or through the app beem it.


Consultancy Services via Zoom

This service provides value to clients who are already independent with their training that are looking for additional information and motivation to break through plateaus. The service will guide you to achieve great results through being held accountable to your training.

In these one on one appointments, I will take you through health and fitness goal setting, make notes about what you wish to achieve and hold you accountable along the way to achieving your goals. I will be providing you with frequent coaching to ensure you are on the right path way while making adjustments to your program. 

This is great for anyone who is currently performing frequent workouts  who is looking at adding in different variables to keep their training interesting. 


1 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $55

2 x 1 hour sessions weekly - $110

1 x 1 hour session periodically - $60

You will also be provided with a program and spreadsheet to track your progress. 

Payment up front via Bank transfer, Beem it or Cash.

Outdoors Meeting

Self Confidence & Development Coaching

This is another popular service available. It’s made a big difference for many of my clients, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. Clients will be taken through goal setting and held accountable to achieve their life goals. 

Whether you are going through a tough time and are struggling to find your life meaning and direction or you are looking for something more within your life, this is the service for you.

1 hour consultations flat rate of $60 via zoom, teams or facetime.

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