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"Coming from a pure swimming background and being a complete newbie to cycling and running I decided to do a sprint triathlon at the beginning of the year followed by the Mooloolaba tri in 2:18. After Mooloolaba I followed Nic's guidance and advice and was able to do the Sunshine Coast Ironman 70.3 in a 4:36. Can not thank Nic enough for this result!

Nic's humble but fierce attitude makes him approachable and Nic always finds time to answer any questions. Nic has helped me with swimming technique, bike fit, running technique, nutrition and training strategies and plans. Its obvious Nic has a real passion for triathlon and fitness and has experience and knowledge to back it up."

Brad Simmons-  Ironman 70.3 Triathlete

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"With Nic's help, not only did I lose 5% body fat in 8 weeks but I also found genuine motivation and tremendous support with every conversation. Nic's combination of experience, high caliber character, mixed with his own incredible achievements make him a truly extraordinary trainer and coach."

Cynthia McCoy- Communications Manager and Personal Coach

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"After having foot surgery, Nic supported me through my recovery and even pushed me further into completing physical milestones such as several ocean swims and an Ironman 70.3 (and I could barely swim before I met Nic!!).

Nic continues to motivate me to set and achieve my goals and shows fantastic passion and a personal touch for all his clients."

Henry Tieman- Avid Amateur Runner and Triathlete

Nic has proven that hard work does pay off. I was 110kgs now currently 73kgs. I thank Nic for helping me achieve this milestone.

Gerry Gaudiello- Registered Nurse and Recreational Bike Rider

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"As an aging long distance runner I needed to find ways to remain fit yet take the pressure off my knees and just run less miles. Having Nic around to help keep me motivated with spin sessions and cross training in the gym was exactly what I needed to keep me motivated and to keep me enjoying my running. Although I will never enjoy the Assault Bike and continue to have nightmares about it, Nic has been awesome in keeping me accountable and pushing me that little bit further. Building a stronger body frame is so important to all sports and helping to remain injury free. Nic walks the talk and having him train alongside us is inspiring and a testament to his commitment to his clients."

Andy Gottsmann- Engineer, Santos Running Coach and Marathon Runner


“Nic constantly inspires change for the better and continues to motivate and challenge each and everyone of us to be the best version of ourselves. He has taught me mind over matter can be realised. If you put your mind to it, there is nothing you can’t achieve and Nic will be with you every step of the way.“

Jo Chan- Engineer, Runner and Indoor Rower Australian Record Holder


"Nic is an excellent motivator who helps you to get well past the point your brain wants to give up."

Jason McCann- Engineer and Runner

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"I have been going to Nic for roughly 4 years – he is the only trainer where I have been able to see and feel results but more importantly, sustain results. Nic tailors your overall training program so that you achieve your end fitness goals, but he is also good at picking up daily energy levels and tailoring individual classes to give you the perfect amount of push for consistency. Nic trained me throughout my pregnancy, and then again after returning to work so I was able to remain fit throughout. Can’t recommend Nic enough."

Lisa Green- Businesswoman and Proud Mother 

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“I have been training with Nic for the last 18 months. I always find his enthusiasm, encouragement and friendly persona to be contagious throughout the gym. Nic takes a genuine interest in people’s health & fitness journey and recognizes that every individual is different, and that the best fitness programs must be sustainable and in balance with all of life’s other demands. The work-hard-play-hard mentality is one that resonates with many of the gym goers! Nic also practises what he preaches. It is common for him to be sweating it out side-by-side in his classes, and his personal fitness prowess & achievements are an inspiration to many. I thoroughly enjoy Nic’s sessions and look forward to them every day.”

Tristan Ashford - Engineer and Marathon Runner

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"Nic's knowledge in hypertrophy exercise has helped me develop a great muscle building program tailored to my needs."

Dom Gaudiello- IFBB Pro Men's Physique


"When I first saw Nic's email signature of professional trainer and motivator. I will admit....I rolled my eyes a little, however, the moment I met Nic I realized that it was true. Nic is someone who will truly listen to your goals and ambitions and will give you that motivational push and guidance towards achieving them I lost 8kg in 8 weeks with Nic's help going from 17% body fat to 11.5%. I generally admire Nic's drive to achieve his own health achievements and his ability to have a genuine and authentic passion for helping everyone else meet their goals!"

Thanks Nic!!

Mark Reavley-  Engineer and World Traveler

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"I’d always been keen on exercising, had goals for a consistent high level of fitness but had never been able to maintain it, improve my strength and work on my running training at the same time. After spending some time in Nics classes, I realised that I could do both with Nics motivation and his guidance in helping me plan for my goals. 

Nic is not only an incredible athlete with some awesome races under his belt, he is extremely passionate about what he does. He motivates me in every single class I attend, every time I think I can’t do one more exercise, Nic is there pushing me and believing that I can."

I recently completed my third half marathon, after struggling with consistent pain in my ITB. Nic helped me get my training back on track with strengthening the right muscles to complete this race.

Nic has transformed my outlook on training, fitness and well being. He always believes in me, pushes me harder  and motivates me to believe I can achieve all the goals I set for myself.

Thank you Nic, you are awesome at what you do. 

Heidi Descroizilles-  Senior Financial Analyst & Half Marathon Runner

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"I trained under Nic for couple of years and I have to say, he is by far one of the best coaches I ever had. He pushed me beyond the limits I set for myself and showed me what I can achieve. I recommend Nic to anyone who is seeking to push past their mental barrier because he is inspiring and highly motivated."

Jason Poh- Businessman

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"I only have positive things to say about Nic. He is an inspirational athlete and an excellent motivator and trainer. I have worked with him for a few years at my work gym, and he has an excellent gift to challenge people & help them continually improve on their personal goals - mine has always been to keep a balanced life & use exercise and fitness as a way to keep my mental health in check due to strenuous work loads. On bad days, Nic has always picked up when I wasn’t well & his support and encouragement have always been something that I was thankful for. He also helped me get to & maintain a level of fitness that I was happy with. I cannot recommend Nic enough to help you with any goals that you may have, he provides a comfortable environment free from judgement, keeps all exercises varied and interesting & is a great person to work with!"

Melanie Desplat- Engineer and World Traveller

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"I have been training with Nic for the past two years. In that time, I have noticed a major boost in my fitness which has resulted in huge improvements on the soccer field! Nic has done a great job of creating training programs and exercises to help in rehabilitating my pre-existing ankle and hip injuries. His sessions are always kept interesting and are always well-tailored to meet individual goals and abilities.

With Nic’s encouragement and training programs, I went from being a definite “non-runner” to running my first 10km fun run in circa 60 minutes, and continuing to participate in fun runs and team running events.

I would recommend Nic to anyone who is interested in losing weight, improving general fitness, or training for a specific event."

Rikki Birleson- Contracts and Procurement


Everyone has a story, mine is a I returned back to work after having my second child and felt less than great, wanting to get back to pre-babies fitness. A colleague suggested I should come with her to one of Nic’s Group PT sessions as “He’s awesome!” 4 years of Nic’s Group PT sessions later, and now 40, I’m feeling fit and fabulous! Not only has my fitness level increased tenfold (I’m the fittest I’ve ever been) but a bonus along the way is the change in my physique, I have muscle definition I never knew I could get.

Nic is great at planting fitness goal ‘seeds’ – you could easily run 10km; you could easily run 10km in under 60mins…50mins….; you could so run a Half Marathon; now you’ve done a half you could run a Marathon easily; have you thought about doing an Ultra?!?
The goal in my 40th year was a Marathon, unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of many events means that goal has been put on hold for this year at least. Finding I was getting too many injuries and soreness from the treadmill, I started using the Concept2 indoor rower and Nic planted the replacement seed – how about attempting a Marathon on the Concept2? I think you could do it……

And so, what started out as slow, short distances (because that’s all I could do) on the treadmill 4 years ago to numerous Half Marathons and now attempting a Marathon on an indoor rower! The question is not why, but why not!! When your Coach gives you the encouragement, support and belief that you can do something you believe it also.

Can highly recommend Nic as a Coach, he really is Awesome.

Chon Keyner-  Contract Administrator, RunningMum and Concept 2 Indoor Rower Marathoner

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"We have been training with Nic for around 5 years now. He may be younger but possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience beyond his years coming from a pedigree of personal training being the nephew of Gerrard Rider (Gerrard Rider Fitness Toowoomba); one of the most respected names in the business. Nic has prepared us for a number of treks and climbs in the Himalayas. The climbs in particular have been demanding in terms of the cardio and strength needed for punishing altitude, carrying heavy packs, negotiating steep terrain, and undertaking crampon and rope work. Working with people in their fifties is different to working with much younger clients. And Nic has been supportive, encouraging and thorough in terms of preparing us for the challenges we’ve faced. He’s put up with all the groans, complaining and gulps, but has never wavered in getting us to where we have needed to be to have the best opportunity to succeed. More than that, he’s just a decent young man raised in a good family with good values. Can’t recommend highly enough!"

Mark and Karen B 

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"This is my transformation,

I was overweight, supporting a double chin, and developing a reasonable set of man boobs. Needless to say I couldn’t pull a root in a carrot farm. At my heaviest I was about 90 kgs, had over 25% body fat and was technically obese. I was sedentary in the extreme. Getting up from the couch and walking to the dinner table was about the most vigorous activity in my day.

This is me now;

With the encouragement of Nic Rider I am a new man. I have lost over 10 kgs, am the fittest I have ever been and have recently completed 2 x 10 km fun runs.  My body fat is now under 15%, my BMI is in the healthy range and when I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see. I am happier and healthier (mentally and physically) and let’s just say Mrs Kelly has to keep me on a tight leash these days, as my days of not being able to pull a root in a carrot farm are well and truly behind me. Thanks to Nic I am well on the way to achieving my health and fitness goal of being able to crack walnuts on my abdominals.

Nic demonstrates wisdom beyond his years and is a great source of inspiration. Thanks Nic for helping me be the best person I can be."

Ben Kelly (Engineer and Investor)

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"Thanks to Nic for a great program. It has helped me from being dormant, working an office job all day (sitting down all day), I look forward now to working out now every day and with the new challenges and always changing new workouts.

I will continue with Nic’s program for the rest of my life. Nic’s program distinctive combination of challenges along with excellent cardio training, allows for completely consistent, plateau free results."

Winston Jong (Business Analyst and Investor)

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